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Heron Sponsorship

Okaloosa Public Arts (OPA) is proud to continue the Emerald Coast Heron Project. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a heron, keep reading!


Cost to sponsor a heron is $2500 plus the agreement to provide 3’x3’ concrete base and install using OPA recommended anchor and bolt system.


If you would like to be an Emerald Coast Heron Sponsor, please send the following information listed below to or scroll down and use our online form.


We will keep your information on file until we are ready to order; deadline to sponsor is June 1. We will contact you before June 1and will require a $1,000 deposit to be collected at the time the herons are ordered.

*Individuals or businesses may order one for their own home or inside their business; it will be displayed on our website with artist information but will not appear on the map or receive a plaque.

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jailbird head_edited.png

In your email to, please include the following:


Name of Sponsor

Location of Heron

Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Email Address

Mailing Address



Check or Money Order Made payable to Okaloosa Public Arts

Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX)

Benefits to a Sponsor:

A Heron Hunt guide-map will be available to reveal the location of each heron and also list information about the artist and the sponsor. Information on the sponsor/business will be showcased on the OPA Web site and Facebook page. Sponsors will be supporting local artists and have a beautiful heron on display, attracting more visitors.

OPA’s Responsibility to Sponsor:

OPA will provide a list of artists with samples of work.  Sponsor can choose an artist to work with on their design.  OPA will approve the final design to ensure it is family friendly. Herons installed outdoors at a business location will have an outdoor plaque provided by OPA noting the Heron Name, Artist Name, Sponsor or Business Name and Year. We will include your heron information on our website and map.

Sponsor a Heron for $2500

You can complete this form in place of emailing Toni Dineen; information will be forwarded to her

Thank you for your sponsorship!

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