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2022-23 OPA Artist's Choice Honorable Mentions

Boggy Inlet
Carol Ann Cain

Boggy Inlet by Carol Anne Cain HM.JPG

Owl in Flight
Jeanna Thomas

Owl in Flight by Jeanne Thomas HM.jpg

Cherries on Top
Jessica Mincy

Cherries on Top by Jessica Miney.JPG

Fences In or Out
Pam Folse

Fences In or Out by Pam Folse HM.JPG

Pat's Heron
Bernadette Sims

Pet's Heron by Bernadette Sims HM.JPG

Dance of the Jellyfish
Evelyn Espinoza

Dance of the Jellyfish by Evelyn Espinoza HM.JPG

Rachael Homack

Harlequin by Rachael Homack HM.JPG

Squares Divided
Rick Otoupalik

Squares Divided by Rick Otoupalik HM.JPG

Fluid Abstract
Lexy Adams

Fluid Abstract by Lexy Adams HM.JPG

Debi Perkins

Estuary by Debi Perkins HM.JPG
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