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Emerald Coast Herons

 We recently completed an exciting project placing a sedge of 20 herons scattered about Okaloosa County. 

We chose the heron because we wanted something that was symbolic throughout our area.  The great blue heron is found in our inland rivers, lakes, and beaches.  They can be seen while hiking the Florida Trail, fishing on the bridges or piers, sunning on the beach, boating in the bays, and kayaking in the local rivers.  Okaloosa County is home to several heron rookeries, including the one on Okaloosa Island at Veterans Park and next to the coast guard station.  Herons can be found throughout the area in both summer and winter.  They are elegant, beautiful and stately, a beautiful piece of art in nature which we hope to help preserve through our public arts.

 This project involved painting pre-fabricated 5 foot tall  three-dimensional fiberglass herons with one-of-a-kind designs by artists of Okaloosa County.  Our goal is to help raise awareness of the arts in our beautiful community and make art available to everyone in public places. 

We hope to continue adding to the herons in the future.

Please see the interactive Google map at the bottom of the page for heron locations.

You can read each artist's biography by clicking on each heron.

belle and bernadette sims.jpg


by Bernadette Sims

Shalimar Town Hall

amazing grace and toni.jpg

"Amazing Grace"

by Toni Dineen

Air Force Armament Museum

jailbird and rick.jpg


by Rick Otoupalik

FWB Police Department

anne johnston 1.JPG

"Starry Eye"

by Anne Johnston

Destin Library

Helen Harris Purple Reign 1.jpg

"Purple Reign"

by Helen Harris

HH Arts

Happy Dance Heron Becky Brice Nash.jpg

"Happy Dance Heron"

by Becky Brice Nash

Holiday Isle

swamp chicken daria knapp.jpg

"Swamp Chicken"

by Daria Knapp

Future Valparaiso City Hall

pat z roberts 1.jpg

"Ooh La La"

by Pat Z. Roberts

Arts and Design Society 

bleu bijou by sharon lapine.jpg

"Bleu Bijou"

by Sharon LaPine

Fort Walton Beach Library

jeanne thomas.jpg

"Fancy Feathers"

by Jeanne Thomas

Destin/FWB Convention Center

dori lewman 1.jpg

"Cherish Our Tails, Fins, Flippers, and Feathers "

by Dori Lewman

Destin Commons

ruta final 1.JPEG

"Reves Impressionistes"

by Ruta

Northwest Florida Ballet

Sheila Mahony2.jpg

"Onyx, the Watcher"

by Sheila Mahony

Cinco Bayou Town Hall

patricia basque3.jpg


by Patricia Basque

Okaloosa County Administrative Building

joy harris 1.jpg


by Joy Harris

Emerald Coast Science Center

alanna grace campbell 1 garden party.jpg

"Garden Party"

by Alanna Grayce Campbell

Lions Park

art jenkins sciatic 2.jpg


by Arthur Jenkins

Mattie Kelly Arts Center

Petey by Thalia and Pam.jpg


by Pam Folse and Thalia Newton

Turkey Creek Park

Toni and Pat Z lucky1.jpg


by Toni Dineen and Pat Z. Roberts

Harborwalk Village


"Hector the Heron"

by Lexy Adams, Pat Roberts, Helen Harris, Rick Otoupalik, Pam Folse, and Toni Dineen

Ross Marler Park

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