Okaloosa Public Arts

Okaloosa Public Arts is an organization of Okaloosa County artists and other citizens who are committed to providing exceptional and meaningful art in our public spaces through private donations.

2021 Artist's Choice Winners
On display at the Okaloosa County Administration Building, Shalimar, FL

Best in Show, Ruta
"Forest Creature"

First Place, Michael Niswonger

1st Place - Broken - Michael Niswonger.jpg
3rd Place - Angry - Louis Cerrato.jpg

Second Place, Rachel Homack "Puffer Fish Love"

2nd Place - Puffer Fish Love - Rachel Homack.jpg

Third Place, Louis Cerrato

Best in Show - Forest Creature - Ruta.jpg


"Three Alarm" Rick Otoupalik

"Kickstand Blues" Theresia McInnis'

"Surf and Sand" Jennifer Dennis

"Daydreaming" Andrew Wargo

"I Know You Are Out There" Libby Gibbs

"Squash and Onions" Sandra Horne

"Moose Mountain" Kim Meachan

"Tara's Racoon" Jeanna Thomas

"Through the Veil" Briah Sutton

""The Meeting of Sky, Land, and Water" Carol Ann Cain

"Scarlett Roses From Eden Garden" Tommy Junken

"Colors of the Wind" Marla Armstrong

"Flamingos Kissing" Gary Pope

" Crab Boil" Toni Dineen

"Sean" Charlotte Arnold